LotR: The Battle for Middle-earth II - The Rise of the Witch-king

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Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
Unofficial RotWK 2.02c Balance Patch Gamereplays.org 4.72MB 279
Arnor Faction Mod Peter 3.82MB 7,382
The Battle for Numenor Mod Turin Turumbar, Finrod 3.02MB 1,894
Ultimate Resource Mod Wuggoo 3.89MB 2,876
RAF Mod Ralf 2.99MB 912
Power of Elves Elvenlord 3.06MB 601
Better Mod Fingon 2.94MB 676
Unlimited Cp Mod for Rotwk Digz 3.01MB 2,509
Gold Theme Rotwk Tsylord 9.41MB 350
Green Theme Rotwk Tsylord 9.6MB 331
raf Mod RTW 2.1 Guest 6.48MB 598
MOTW Re-texture ddc_3188 2.55MB 136
Hero/Arnor Mod wheelman233 1.68MB 1,909
Realm of the Elf Lords Lord Firkraag 5.08MB 625
The Battle For Numenor - English Turin Turumbar, Finrod 3.06MB 1,585
Istari Faction Mod Olorin Lan 3.46MB 2,088
BFME2 Arcade Edition Zen Jiriki 4.66MB 1,231
Dwarven Reskins Lord Firkraag 891KB 404
Mounted Gothmog Ledhead1232 3.2MB 486
Special Hero Mod The Czar 670KB 2,567
Power of The Elves Elvenlord 3.06MB 806
Ultimate Battle mod falcodarkzz 4.01MB 780
Expansion Map INI kingwerewolf 9KB 647
Unofficial Patch 2.03 spetey 1.68MB 386
No Artillery Mod BfME2 RotWK TheDark12 3.07MB 583
Realms of the Elf Lords Lord Firkraag 5.75MB 439
Kryso Mod kryso00 3.3MB 255
Menu Styles Antis666 5.81MB 277
ralf mod final ralf_solo 3.72MB 140
ralf mod final fixed ralf_solo 3.72MB 244
Battle For The Northern Kingdom Witch-King2008 2.08MB 706
Panics Arnor mod Panic!@TheDisco 3.06MB 241
ROTWK CAH All Factions NuLL2 2.94MB 52
Age of the Firstborn Elrond99 20.14MB 89
Lotrfiles Rotwk Balance Mod Digz 3.01MB 1,522
Huge Battles for Middle Earth PhatManNik/Climber 2 3.07MB 990
RJ Rotwk robnkarla 167.33MB 35,896
Rotwk 2.02 Unofficial Patch Gamereplays 1.57MB 2,339