LotR: The Battle for Middle-earth II - The Rise of the Witch-king
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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Gondor Fortress aelvenwarrior 157KB 1303
Anuminas carglass 87KB 1130
RPG Adventure TheNotorius 500KB 1176
The Last Great Battle Rotwk version WKDClown01 192KB 722
The Ents have Died PyRaMidMaN 362KB 579
Pasidons Chaotic Tower Wars Pasidon 125KB 529
8 Player Bridge 4v4 rgrdhrthry 5KB 957
Battle Map nick95kang 42KB 419
Minas Tirith Movie Style Dychko Of Mordor 472KB 2007
4 vs 4 Snow Mountain Pass Jazzeh 270KB 767
Cirith Orodruin Buccane 326KB 650
Last Stand Buccane 289KB 391
Barad Dur BlackDragonKiller/Alenoguero 486KB 1840
The Mt. of Doom 5v2 rgr 17KB 576
Babylon Me 198KB 357
Angbad Fortress espadapreta 195KB 872
The Spine of Amroth Jeff Head 405KB 270
Green Lands SvN 268KB 325
Valley of Arnor [WKD]FIGHTER 36KB 347
Notorius Extreme Wagon Race TheNotorius 122KB 224
The Realm of the Goblins The Czar 150KB 387
Kings Valley Guest 638KB 461
Snowy Battlefield SvN 195KB 416
Old Dwarfs Stronghold Guest 555KB 619
Extreeme Wagon Race TheNotorius 125KB 283
Ultimate Soccer Match TheNotorius 60KB 305
Ancient Harlond klw 689KB 378
Minas Versus [DL] 336KB 225
Isengard Drowned maitremu 438KB 336
The Last Stand of Arnor Arkintyro 218KB 276
300 - No Prisoners , No Mercy seemann 53KB 353
South Anduin Azrapse 647KB 170
Rivendell: Last Stand Guest 38KB 347
Santum of Insanity Addon Elvenjonas 72KB 91
Beach Assault aelvenwarrior 172KB 150
Wars of Arda - Dol Amroth Derek Guedes 349KB 525
One Team Tower Wars 2 vs 2 Norway_Rules 27KB 296
Helms Deep Nightfall Adro 647KB 729
Forest Bash Adro 614KB 112
300 A Beautiful Death seemann 722KB 389
Vaults of Erebus Puppeteer 280KB 170
Forochel MajorDima 1.04MB 201
Misty Mountains Fortress Puppeteer 234KB 162
Ultimate Rusher Map aelvenwarrior 14KB 173
Helms deep Realism Map GayP 690KB 1185
Dol Amroth lotrloramrod 534KB 399
Hogwarts School of Weaponry willhattingh 32KB 331
Tuolomne Meadows lotrloramrod 289KB 74
War Of The Four lands {ip}Lascar 235KB 123
Elven Tribal Wars aelvenwarrior 147KB 914