- This is a 2 v 2 player map - - Map suitable for CompStomp and Player versus Player -

Hello, my new map is called "2fort" These are 2 fortresses, seperated by a river in the middle. 1 bridges and 1 ford make it possible to access the other players. There are 4 signal fires and 2 Inn's in the map, and 1 hidden outpost for every player. I hope you enjoy my map :D

- GreatElvenKing


- Added more details in Isengard fortress. - Fixed AI bug of not opening gate. - Removed outside ramps. - Removed the left bridge and made it a ford. - Removed the Isengard gatehouse and replaced it with a Minas Tirith gatehouse (Isengard gatehouse was badly bugged)



1. Download this file
2. Extract the files (example: extract them to your desktop)
3. a folder is now created at the folder (or desktop) where you have extracted the files to, if everything has gone right, it should be called "2fort_v2"
4. Now go to start > Run and fill in: %appdata%
5. Now open the map "Rise of the Witchking Files"
6. Open the folder "Maps" and drag or copy your 2fort_v2 folder into it.
7. Start the game and play! :D

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