300 Fight in the shade

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The movie version) I decided to do this map after some of you asked me to change my first one(300 - No Prisoners , No Mercy)..to make it preetyer or to add the famous quotes. That map took me 1 day to do but this one took me a week!..It has tons of scripting but i don't expect enybody to really understand them because they are verry ..intricated(this is the first map with so much scripting done by me and i put all of them in the same place...it's really a mess)

The map took the toll on my life ,my health(no sleep,no food...), my career(no work,no school), my eyes, my girlfriend, etc so...now that is finished i'll go save what i still can.

The map follows the events u've seen in the movie ..but changes the end...so that you can really kill Xerxes.If you've seen the movie you will know what to expect when you play. Try to stay alive until you are betrayed ...when the Persian found out about the hidden Goat Pass and they will attack you from behind as well.If you die then , don't worry...that happend in the movie so..it's part of the plan.What hapens next it's a surprise but i can only tell you that the game is not over! Also the map has all the strategic points you've seen in the movie(the Hot Gates,the Goat Pass(really has goats:),the Ancient Wall,the beach&the sea full with Persian ships(only for decoration),Xerxes(Sauron) who looks from above to the displays of his armies...etc..)

I think maybe the challange was to high for me...to make the movie version of 300 on the second map with scripting i ever did ,so..i expect to find some bugs!Please...point them to me so i can fix them!

So..in the game you will control ~40 Spartans(TowerGuards) + later: ~20 Arcadians(GondorCapitain) + ... You can't build and you can't create more units so don't let your pretious fighters die..retreat them when taking hits!And no spells(except heroes's spells).

Hints: keep your armies as much time as you can between the walls of the Hot Gates(the place you start) or near the Ancient Wall cause there i put something like 5 wells(hidden from eyes!) ...so your armyes will recover helth there!

I think the map looks great!..it took me 2 days only to do the paisage ,so ..please..set up your game with the level of detail at least at high if not at ultra-high! It doesn't matter the faction u choose but select your CAH cause he will apear sometime... Player 1 should be in the down-low spot , close all slots and choose red for your team color! Oh...and try to read the hints that will apear! It will help you finish!

that's it...now i'll go make love to my girlfriend and try to get her back.Enjoy cause...i will :)

(Expect an update sometimes soon!)

This is the second version of 300, from the same maker as '300 No Prisoners, No Mercy' only this one is more decorated and follows the movie more. This one is for Bfme2 RotWK, Aragorn, Boromir and Elrond ar now also gone




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