Age of the Firstborn




Elven Faction split into to new Factions Lindon and Lothlorien New Ringhero for all good factions and a new Ringherosystem (Ringherosystem made by "Ealendril der Dunkle") The AI is completly working for the new Factions Lots of new models and skins added new Units, Heros, Structures, Ships new Create a Hero Class (Noldor) and a lot more I don´t remember


Heroes: Gil-galad - Ringhero Elrond Glorfindel Erestor Galdor

Units: Warriors Archers Pikemen Sentries (Elite Warriors with Sword and Shield) Gil-galad´s Guard (Mini-Hero Horde) Knights Ballista


Heroes: Galadriel - Ringhero Celeborn Thranduil Legolas Arwen Haldir Orophin

Units: Warriors Archers Spearmen Cavalry Guardians of the Borders (Elite Archers) Galadhrim (Mini-Hero Horde) Ents

New Units and Heroes for the Old Factions:

Dwarves: Durin - Ringhero Khazzad Guard instead of the old Mini-Hero Horde Dale Fighters

Men: Gandalf - Ringhero

Mordor: Orc Pikemen



Age of the Firstborn Mod 1.0

Install instructions:

Move the folder "AgeoftheFirstborn" onto your C: drive and the shortcut on your desktop or whereever you want, start the mod with the shortcut

You need RotWk 2.01!

If it doesn´t work copy yor RotWk shortcut and add
 -mod "C:AgeoftheFirstborn"
behind "C:ProgrammeElectronic ArtsThe Lord of the Rings, The Rise of the Witch-kinglotrbfme2ep1.exe"
Don´t forget the space before the -

You are NOT allowed to use piece of code unless you give credit

You are NOT allowed to use the Ringherosystem unless you have a special permission from the creator

You are NOT allowed to use any other item made for this mod without asking me (if I made it) or the original artist

Special Thanks:
(A list of people I used items from)

Ealendril der Dunkle:
Ringhero System

Lorien Warrior, Archer, Spearman, Rider Textures

Khazad Guard Texture, Dol Amroth Knights

Elven Alliance Mod:
Lindon Banner Textures, Gilgalad, Lothlorien Flet

Lindon Warrior, Archer, Spearman, Knight, Gilgalad´s-Guard Textures

Alien aka Infiltrator:
Cirdan Palantirimage (not ingame at the moment, cause I haven´t made a model yet)

South Dunland Map

Also I´d like to thank my betatesters "Sauron der Dunkle" and "Elrond von Bruchtal" and everybody else who helped me.


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