Ages of Discord Mod

211989-73493-AoD v1.1.rar


Ages of Discord (AoD) is a new modpack for the classic and iconic EA game, the Return of the Witch King, an expansion pack of Battle for Middle Earth 2.

The mod’s primary target is to implement many newinteresting features, a much richer content, while at the same time not ruining gameplay by just expanding units and heroes. Strategic options are enriched with new technologies, tactics and artifacts.

Which Age is the mod about? In the ages of discord!

If you like Tolkien stories, the movies and strategygames, what are you waiting for? Download the mod and Enjoy!!

There is also a discord server
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a year ago

Hopefully, next faction, which is wip, gonna be Gondor. Faction will follow the mod's trend and will be splitted into "subfactions",  each one with unique gameplay and different roster as regards heroes and troops. Additionally more artifacts shall be seen. Since i work alone in the mod i have no time estimation but i will share news.

Enjoy playing!


a year ago

Lates version 1.3 is out. Enjoy.