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This map, the first of mine that I have ever done scripts for, is filled with so much strategy your head will spin. It is a map filled with...


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This map, the first of mine that I have ever done scripts for, is filled with so much strategy your head will spin. It is a map filled with battling at sea, designed to be a single player mission. The human player should be in the top spot of the map.

Plot This is the story: A lone rider came to Elrond from an ancient ruin of the elves no longer inhabited by them. In the early days of Middle Earth, the High Elves built a port in Harlindon to protect the Bay of Belfalas. They named it Harlond, and it became of much interest to the Numenoreans in the Second Age. Its beaches and natural harbor could only be accessed through a narrow mountainous pass – a perfect place to build a military port. Hence, since the beginning of the Third Age, a small garrison of men from the Eorlingas and South-Kingdom has occupied this area. It has also become home to a village of hobbits who have been drawn to the sea for many years.

The rider, gasping, told Elrond Half-Elven of a vast fleet of ships headed for Harlond at breakneck speed: Scores of battleships and artillery vessels escorting at least five hundred troops poised for amphibious invasion. Elrond put his face in his hands; the elves in Mithlond only kept a small fleet of military ships. But he had to dispatch them. He looked into the wild eyes of his messenger and said, “Glorfindel is in the Havens. He shall have to lead the fleet to Harlond before the enemy lands. May that ancient place prove friendly to the elves once more.”

He knew well that if Sauron took Harlond, the dark lord would have a perfect place to land even more troops in Lindon and stage an invasion of Eriador. The defense of the ancient port was imperative to the survival of the northern people of Middle Earth, including the elves of Imladris. Glorfindel’s fate was sealed.

Strategy You will have eleven warships and four transports with which to protect Harlond. Two warships will accompany the transports in the harbor, and the rest will attempt to blockade the pass. The enemy will attack in two stages: 1. A huge fleet of enemy warships will try to break the blockade and sink your fleet immediately. They will target either your warships or the harbor, depending on your course of action. Their best hope is to sink your battleships and transports in one sweeping motion. Be sure that you do not let them. If many of them survive they will provide support for the following landings. 2. When the initial naval sorties are near completion, the enemy will send a vast wave of transports carrying the entire invasion force onto your beaches and into your harbor. If you still have any ships, you should be able to stop most of them before they even reach the shore. But if many of them get through, your efforts are doomed. They will stage a ruthless attack on the harbor, trying to destroy its gates. Only your small force of men will be left to defend your fortress from a massive attack. Behind the transports will come bombardment ships to clean up the resistance. They will not expect your warships to suddenly overtake them, if that is the case. In any case, defend your shipwright from attack! The enemy’s ground forces will be sure to destroy it when they get the chance. So, as you can tell, your success in this mission is solely based on your ability to win the first naval battle, in which you will be outnumbered. Will you retreat and draw your enemy into a chase? Or do you dare stand and block the pass, hoping to cripple them before they destroy you? Will you defend the beach or the harbor, or bravely try to protect both? What is your plan of action to destroy a superior naval force and come out on top? If you do manage to thwart your enemy’s attacks, it will be up to you to rebuild your crushed navy from scratch and destroy Mordor’s fortress on a sandbar out in the sea. There are helpful buildings in the mountains on either side of the pass – see if you can locate them. But don’t celebrate right away – the armies of Mordor will defend their base just as you have defended yours. Take advantage of the extra land given to you. It may or may not take you a few tries to master this map, but once you have, I hope that you have enjoyed the experience. I always strive to make maps that aren’t too easy or too difficult, but that are still enjoyable regardless of the outcome.

This map is very winnable and very losable. Just some notes: The towers you see on the walls are disabled to give the enemy a chance, there are mines in the harbor that you have to detonate yourself, and the enemy will have increased command points.

With this map I wanted to recreate one of my favorite time periods. There were many great naval battles fought during the Hellenistic and Roman periods that have gone down in history as truly important. I wanted to create one of the first Battle for Middle Earth Series maps that deals with pure sea battle.

Well, good luck in defending your homeland from amphibious invasion. I hope you enjoy this map, the first that I have ever done scripts for, and the first that I have ever made with a naval theme. The fate of Middle Earth rests in your hands.

I have even created my on map strategy guide to help yo on this map.

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