Arnor Faction Mod

arnormod.zip —


This mod allows you to play as Arnor. EA had half made the arnor faction, i am just letting you play as them. They arnt a very complete and functioning faction but they are still fun to play around with.

The heroes are-

Damrod Arvedui Arveleg Argeleb

The units are-

Dunedain Soldiers Dunedain Archers Arnor Royal Guard Dunedain Rangers Noldor Warriors Mithlond Sentries Rivendell Lancers Arnor Knights Trebuchet

I will probably release a mod in the future that cleans up the faction and add more units/heroes. To install, remove the ini from the bfme2-rotwk folder and put it in a safe palce. Put the ini folder for this mod in the data folder located in the bfme2rotwk folder.


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