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This is a map of the city of Barand, a fictional place in the legendarium of me, Kieran Wasserman. It is the capital city of the Kingdom of...


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This is a map of the city of Barand, a fictional place in the legendarium of me, Kieran Wasserman. It is the capital city of the Kingdom of Gamlea in my Gate of Night Trilogy.

Some plot information: Barand was founded by the ancient King of Gamlea, simply known as the Old King, in the very early days of the Kingdom. He was searching for a place to build a new capital after seeing that his castle in the south was too vulnerable to attack from people outside the Kingdom. He found the perfect place on a flat hill in the icy Toran Mountains, far to the north. This hill was called Barand, and it was at the end of a long valley formed by two outcropping sections of the mountains. The Castle or Palace of Barand was built on this plateau, and a small military post was founded in the valley. Many years later this post grew into a city that was dedicated to protecting the King. At the time of the War of Legends, there are several buildings in this city and a sizeable defensive garrison of troops. When you take command, though, the armies of Gamlea have been crushed in open battle and you only have a few men. The valley is protected by a strong wall that is referred to as the Gate of Barand. I won’t give any more information about the plot, just in case anyone wants to read my book.

In this battle you will command three heroes from the book, although one of them is worthless as a fighter. Gindwal is standing near the gate and is played by Argeleb, and next to him is his friend Ermon, who is played by Damrod. His love interest, Ferrala, who is the King’s daughter, is simply played by a female peasant and is standing in front of the Palace. I didn’t want any of the characters to be the same as LOTR characters, so I used obscure Arnor heroes instead.

You will defend the city with only two hundred Arnor troops, and your opponents will command hundreds of goblins, two giants, and three dragons.

This is the first map where I have attempted to do textures, so I hope they’re fine. The bottom two slots should be an evil faction, preferably goblins, because I don’t refer to orcs, elephants, trolls, uruks, or wolves in my book. On the contrary, I focus on goblins, giants, and dragons. THIS MAP ONLY WORKS FOR SINGLEPLAYER. PUT ENEMY COMPUTERS ON THE BOTTOM TWO SLOTS. For some reason, the game crashes when I try to play as an attacker. Maybe someone can have a look at this, but I built this as a singleplayer mission anyways.

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