Battles of Gondor Mod



which you see and read about in the films and books.Above all, the main objective of Battles of Gondor is to give the game more of a Tolkien feeling. Not a game that is inspired by the Tolkien lore, but a game that throws you right down into it.Battles of Gondor takes the bfme series a step forward. You can now control new factions never before seen, which creates plenty of new battles. You can defend the coasts of Gondor from the Corsairs of Umbar or perhaps invade Pelargir with huge armies of the south.NEW FEATURESThese are the awesome new features that Battles of Gondor adds to the original game:- 4 new factions- New units and heroes for the existing factions- Improved AI- New campaign- A great number of new maps- Updated War of the Ring mode- New effects...and plenty more!Made by Tom aka Stealthsnake


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