Break it up! (v2)

break_it_up_v2.rar —



I made this map when I first started playing BFME2, and I just found it! I had the basic outline scribbled on a piece of paper, and so I set my mind on it and made this map. Its a LITTLE bit different, but oh well.

This is a 2 vs 1 map, with the players on the left and right on the same team against the player in the middle. The river may be a tad bit glitchy, just a warning. The player in the middle also has a final defense retreat... thing. Remember, just because those towers are crumbling doesn't mean they are useless! Try to capture the shipwright before the middle player does!

>>>(Now with added creeps and working AI)<<<

Have fun, and send any bug reports, glitches, complaints, comments, etc to: [email protected]



This is the first non-FFA map I ever did. Its players 1+2 vs player 3. (thats why player 3 has more land). First time I made a river, too. Ruined towers abound. Once you drive player 3 into his final defense, take his inns and outposts! Then, build up your army and attack! Beware of creeps.

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