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The Cair Andros map that EA made was pretty good but Cair Andros is a FORTRESS on an island in the middle of the greatest river in middle ea...


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The Cair Andros map that EA made was pretty good but Cair Andros is a FORTRESS on an island in the middle of the greatest river in middle earth. One other thing was that Cair Andros fell to evil only once and that was during the 3rd age great battle where the witch king died. The fort was then taken back by Gondor quickly. For Cair Andros being such a great fortress and such an important one i decied to try my best to make as grand as i could but yet defeatable. I have tested it by facing comps, brutals, because my patch had changed so i could not test it online fighting other people but I have played online long for some time and i know how people would attack or defend a fortress. Part of being a map maker means you must know all stragys to make a good map. Though I know many stragys I would like your feed back on how it was defending or attacking the fortress online. Make sure you try and face high level non cheating players if you reaspon back. I would like to make this one my best map and will keep on improving it to the best of my talents on map making as i can. There are just two problems I would like if they could be answered. How do i get rid of a glitch that chooses powers for me and i mean get rid of it for good because i know how to stop it from happening and secondly how do i get rid of units in a game such as making it impossible to make wall or a gondorian swords men. If these questions could be answered I would fix the map as soon as possible. Thanks for the feed back and your comments and I really hope you enjoy the map.

The Cair Andros fortress is on an island shaped a little like a ship and it has levels but very little difference in height. Then to get the fortress you must cross through a cunk of land across the river to the island fortress. The fortress has two walls but there spread out. One wall at the entrence of the fort and another at the middle of the fort. The entrence wall is a gate with walls that are apart of the earth, a cliff. The second wall is a normal wall like you would find on the map Isengard. The defenders can build about 3 to 4 farms each and have 3 outposts. The key to defending is to defend the whole fort together and when can att together leaving some to defend. On the attackers land there is room for about 3 to 4 farms each player and one outpost for each person. There is alot of room to build on and a small river spelts the teams making 3 on one side and 2 on the other side. The side with three has a very small pond in the middle of there area and they are by the cunk of land that leads to the fortress Cair Andros while the other side with the 2 players has less room but better protected. This should be a hard match.

PS: To stop the glitch while playing the game itself you just have to go to settings when the game starts then go back to the game and then when you can buy a new power get it fast before the comp does and it should stop. Have fun!

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