Dwarven Reskins



This is the dwarven reskins from the Realm of the Elf Lords Mod, available for you through a separate download.

So I thought that I have not given enough attention to the dwarves in this mod; at least not as much as I’d wish. The thing about them is that they are a completely new faction from both the lord of the rings movies, and the first Battle for Middle-Earth game, but I just didn’t think EA made them right.

I mean aside from them being quite overpowered.

They were too colorful for my eyes. Lots of dwarves only appeared in two scenes in the Fellowship of the Ring (”Seven were given to the dwarf-lords” and the Council of Elrond) but they were dressed in dark clothes. Gimli also prefers darker shades.

Now compare that to EA’s dwarves. EA’s stubborn and gruff warriors go to war in bright colors like light blue and light green! How can they “feel” like dwarves then? That was mistake #1. EA’s mistake #2 there was that “Mithril mail” is gold. Gold? |Come on EA, everyone knows that mithril has a glistening silver coloration.

Now for the mithril, it’d be easier to change the upgrade’s name to “Heavy Armor” and be done with it, but there’s also an Eva Event “We’ve got the mithril mail!” and changing sounds is not as easy. Plus I was reskinning the dwarves anyway so it’d be easy to change the armor color. Plus that gold (YELLOW) color conflicted my dark dwarves.

Granted, an important upgrade like Heavy Armor should be visible in game. So that you know which units already have it at a glance! And silver is not as clearly spotted vs the non-upgraded version, at least not as clearly as gold. So I also proceeded to give upgraded dwarves neat mithril mail shirts!

This reskin looks great and adds more realism to the game.


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