Green Theme Rotwk



This turns the menu buttons and the colour scheme of Rotwk to green, if you fancy this colour instead of the purple/blue colour than download this!



Readme for T-themes
Please Note that these themes are for Rise of the Witch King ONLY!

Details: These themes are for a different appearince of the game, instead of the defaul blue colour these thims will give the game a different appearince such as red, green, gold etc. These themes also do NOT affect online! If you have a theme idea please email me at 			[email protected] 

Intstallation: To install this mod drag the art file into your main Rise of the Witch King Directory. Then go to your most used shortcut (what you press to launch the game) and right click it, go to properties, a popup should open in that popup go to the shortcut tab under target add the very end of it add the following (out side the quotationmarks!)   -modArt.big   then click apply  and your done!

Unitstallation: Delete the art file and fix your shortcut by deleting the last bit that you added -modArt.big

								LEGAL Statment and Contact Info

	This MOD is made by me and only me Taylord fix problems be my guest, just as long as you Contact me proir to the realease. This MOD and any predecesores shall rermain free of charge to all those who want to use it.

Any problems, ideas, solutions, fixes etc. can be sent to me at the following address, I will respond to your email within a couple of days. Email Address as follows: [email protected]
	It is your choice to download and install this mod therefore I am NOT resposible for any damages done to your computer or to your mental, and physical state. If you do not abide by this please do NOT install, read about, download or have any interactions with this mod in any way.

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