Istari Faction Mod



You know those wizards that you always love to use inorder to blow stuff up? Well their back, and better then ever.

Description: The “Istari”, or wizards of Middle Earth were Maia’s (immortal and extremely powerful spirits) sent by the Valar to aid the free peoples of Middle Earth in contesting the will of Sauron, another maia, & perhaps even the strongest of the Maiar. However the 5 Istari who were sent were forbidden by the valar from ever matching Sauron in power or fear. Therefore one could argue that the whole story itself really revolved around these maia and their struggle with each other. In this mod the Istari replace the Arnor faction and are “beefed” up a bit so that the can finally stand toe to toe with their dark nemesis. But Sauron himself has some new powers as well. Who will be the victor? You decide.


Mordor- Heros-

Gothmog- Has new Summon Orc power

Sauron- The dark lord is added as a full time general, even in WOTR. Has new Summon the Nine power, New Will of morgoth power which turns enemy units into passive orcs. Has new Dark Aura at Lv. 5 which grants armor and power recharge bonuses.

WitchKing- Has Morgul Blade power as well as Dark Aura at Lv. 5 but with a poisonous twist.

Units- Grond available from Lv. 3 Siegeworks

Elves- Heros-

Galadriel- Now builadble from the fortress at all times, though not a WOTR general.

Celeborn- Added

Goblins- Heros-

Summoned Dragon- Added for 25000, but has no healing and no respawn. Damage and health slightly lowered.

Adult FireDrake- Added

FellBeast- Added- only 1

Men- Heros- Faramir- Has summon ranger battalion power. Faramir’s summoned rangers have no timer.

Boromir- Has summon several fighter battalions power. Boromir’s summoned troops have a timer. Gandalf the Grey- Never turns white and can only perform certain spells.

Istari- (Replaces Arnor) Heros-

Gandalf The White- Has new Light of Valinor power, Istari Lightning power & Plea to Eru power. Has his shield bubble aura (from BFME) at Lv. 5 which grants armor and spell recharge bonuses.

Saruman The White- Has new Istari Wrath power, Istari convert, Istari flame & Lightning storm power. Has new Light Storm Aura at Lv. 5 which grants armor and recharge bonuses.

Radagast The Brown- Added, has new Summon Friends of Radagast (Crebain & Eagles) power, Move unseen power, Phial of Galadriel power, Water Horses power & the Wisdom of Radagast power (which transforms enemy troops into wildlife). Has istari Firefly Aura at Lv. 5 which grants armor and spell recharge bonuses

Pallando the Blue/Red- Pallando has returned from the east with some new tricks! Has fireball power, Fire Dragon power, Fire Bomb power, Summon Fire Drakes power & Fires of the East power. Has Fire Aura at Lv. 5 which grants armor and spell recharge bonuses.

Alatar the Blue- Is your Create A hero, you get to make the final wizard! Mine specialized in teleportation, what will your Alatar the Blue have…..


Ents Added


Farm changed to Mallorn Tree

Entmoot Added

Fortress has wizard tower instead of Ivory tower, but still has palantir power.

Isengard- Heros-

Saruman The Many colored- Has New tornado, & lightning storm power. Has Storm Aura at Lv. 5 which grants armor and spell recharge bonuses.


1. Go to you Rise of The Witchking directory and make a back up folder. 2. Move the INI file into that folder 3. Open the lang folder and move the ENGLISH file into the back up folder as well. 4. Open the Istari Mod file 5. Then move those folders into the originals places.

Thats it!

If you have any problems or complaints please post them on Middle Earth Vault ROTWK Istari Mod thread.

PLEASE NOTE that the 5th Istari Wizard must be made by you with the CaH function!

Credits & Thanks A mod by Olorin Lan Special thanks to The Master Chief, Elendil & NncHaze for their help, suggestions & support!

Another fantastic mod and well worth your download.



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