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Well, as an early Christmas present for everyone, I present the Lotrfiles Rotwk balance patch! Hopefully you can all have your christmas wit...


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Well, as an early Christmas present for everyone, I present the Lotrfiles Rotwk balance patch! Hopefully you can all have your christmas with balance and victories. Remember this is only the beta, so if you do encounter any other imbalances than please post a comment here or email as fast as you can: [email protected]

You cannot play this game online but if you get all your friends to download it, than you can play a balanced Rotwk against them online, but remember not against other people that do not have the mod. Get as many people as you can to download it and I may actually organise a tournament with cool prizes init.

All of the changes are on the news and repeated on the readme in the zip file but to be safe I'll put it in the readme here as well! Merry Christmas everyone and may your Rotwk games be balanced.

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Download 'lotrfiles_rotwk_balance_mod.zip' (3.01MB)

Changes for all factions:

Dwarven unit changes:

Men of Dale damage reduced 
Axe thrower damage reduced significantly
Axe thrower price increased
Gaurdian price change back to BFME2(250)
Phalanx damage reduced
Battlewagon Buildcost changed and damage reduced, hearth cost reduced
Demolisher damage reduced
Catapult damage increased to rival demolisher but nowhere near it
Zerker buildcost reduced by 300 

Dwarven Building Changes:

None so far

Elven Unit changes:

Bombard ship price significantly reduced
Fireship price significantly reduced
Battleship price significantly reduced
Cirdans craft work price significantly reduced
Love of the sea price significantly reduced

Mirkwood archers damage reduced and price reduced, archer range reduced
Mirkwood archers health decreased
Rivendell Archer Buildcost increased, range increased
Elven warrior damage reduced
Mithlond sentry health decreased
Noldor Warrior buildcost reduced

Elven Structure Changes:

Barracks buildcost reduced

Men of the west Unit changes:

Archer range reduced, archer damage reduced
Knight health increased, damage redcued, pre attack delay redcued
Knights of Dol Amroth buildcost reduced, health increased,overall damage increased
Tower Gaurds price reduced,health reduced,damage reduced,
ranger damage reduced, fire arrow damage for ranger reduced
trebuchet buildcost reduced, damage increased
Rohirrum cost reduced, damage increased

Men of the went structure changes:

Barracks Cost reduced, level upgrades reduced
archery range build time increased,

Angmar Unit Changes:

DireWolf cost increased, damage decreased, build time decreased by 10
Angmar Ranger health decreased. sword damage decreased,
DarkDunedain health decreased
Snow Troll health decreased and damage decreased, build time decreased
Hill troll damage decreased and health decreased
Necromancer Health decreased
Rhudaur Spearmen Buildcost Increased
Rhudaur Slingers Buildcost increased
Thrall Master health decreased, buildcost increased

Angmar Structure Changes:

Barracks Buildcost decreased
TrollDen buildcost increased

Isengard Unit Changes:

Uruk Fighter buildcost reduced, damage reduced
Uruk Pikeman buildcost redced, damage reduced
Crossbow range decreased
Warg rider damage decreased, buildcost decreased, buildtime decreased
Beserker health and damage decreased
Wildmen buildcost increased
Ballista buildcost increased

Isengard Structure Changes:

Uruk Pit level up cost changed and time changed (increased)
Uruk Seige Works build cost decreased
Warg Pit build cost and build time decreased

Mordor Unit Change list:

Orc buildcost decreased
Troll health decreased, damage decreased
Attack troll damage decreased a little
Catapult buildcost increased, damage increased

Mordor Structure Change list:

Orc pit buildcost back down to 300
Troll Cage buildcost increased, buildtime decreased

Goblin Structure Changelist:

Goblin Cave buildtime increased
Spider Pit buildcost decreased
Fissure buildcost increased

Goblin unit change list:

Spiderling damage decreased
Spider Rider health decreased
Marauder health decreased, damage increased

This is not to be reproduced in any way, it is Lotrfiles property a bit of Digz's but Lotrfiles property! You cannot reproduce this file under any circumstance without consulting Digz: [email protected]

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