Minas Tirith Movie Style

The armies of Mordor are in the heart of Gondor. Sauron's eye is fixed on the White City. If it falls, so falls all of Middle Earth....


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The armies of Mordor are in the heart of Gondor. Sauron's eye is fixed on the White City. If it falls, so falls all of Middle Earth.

This is the speech you first hear, by Gandalf, when you start the map.

Like the funny Kazastan Borat would say "Nice!"

I recreated all (and I mean all) the events that happened on the Battle of the Pelennor Fields as seen in the movie "The Return Of The King". These events happen throughout the two player skirmish. The first one begins about three minutes into the map. The others are set to timers.

A breakdown of what happens is listed below:

· Attack of Gandalf by the Witch-King. · Timely arrival of the Rohirrim led by King Theoden and Eomer · The arrival of Easterlings and the Haradrim on Mumakils · Death of King Theoden by the Witch-King / Eowyn's revenge · Aragon, Gimli, and Legolas leading the Army of the Dead. · Evil player bonus if they survive attack.

All scenes are set to their own music, text boxes, and speech files.

As for game setup, here what you get:

· Good race in Minis Tirith get 65K in money and command point of 1450 · Evil race gets 135K in money and command points of 2050 · Both players get armies and built structures of the bat. Good would have to level up some. Evil is all set. · As for building structures and units, Good has no restrictions. Evil, on the other hand, can't build walls, nor a few powerful units (sorry)


A couple of things to note before playing, and for the map to work correctly:

1. Again, you must have the expansion pack "The Rise Of The Witch-King!" in order to play. I will rework this map for those who don't soon.

2. Whoever is in Minis Tirith must play any good race. (Based on spells used.)

3. Whoever is outside Minis, must be evil. (Again, it based on spells used throughout the game.)

4. Would somebody please at EA release the manual for Worldbuilder! I would love to know how to add movies to a map without messing up the sound.

INSTALLATION (XP instructions)

1. Unzip the file using Winzip. 2. Copy the folder "LOTR 3 minas tirith" to the following directory:

C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Application Data\My The Lord of the Rings, The Rise of the Witch-king Files\Maps

1st Note: The folder "Owner" is what you logged in as, under XP, when you installed the game. This could be different name on your PC.

2nd Note: The folder "Application Data" is a hidden folder. To unhide this, within the window, go to Tools > Folder Options and click on the View tab. Select the option to unhide folders.

Have fun! PWNAGE!

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