Mirkwood's Kingdom



A very cool and innovative map. Custom units just for the map, and an "Age" system, unique to ROTWK that makes it feel a little like Age of Empires.

This is a map with new units and upgrades.You will start with few structures and units to be built, but upgrading to the Second Age and Third Age from the fortress you will be a lot stronger. Only the main Factions: Men, Elves, Mordor and Isengard can be used. If u select another one it will be replaced. You can Enable RingMode to see Intro, or disable to skip it. Well thisi is basically a 3v3 map where u can play also 2v2 ecc...it's a map with a new gameplay, because for expand your army and base you need to upgrade ages. For example if u build a certain number of structures, you will be available to access to a new age, of course paying the cost of the upgrade. New ages increase units powers, give access to new strucutures units upgrades ecc...It can seems difficult, but it isn't, there are just improvments!Enjoy!^^

In all, a very good and innovative map, and very fun to play.



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