Mordor's Vengence 3

Can four crazy heroes stop the might of Mordor? Here the fate of the most beatiful valley of Middle earth shall be decided!

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Can four crazy heroes stop the might of Mordor? Here the fate of the most beatiful valley of Middle earth shall be decided!

The four heroes must face 5 waves of mordor enemies and one wave of the combined forces of the Elves and Mordor.

These heroes are not your CAH. They are my version of the Kings of Arnor, along with a super powerful Gandalf. You will need it all.

The Heroes and their powers:

-Arveleg: He is essential to your success. His powers are:

Athelas (acquired at lvl 1)- This power is a must have for Arveleg, as he does not have an auto-heal.

Lightning Sword (aquired at lvl 1)- Stronger than Word of Power, thas attack can stop entire armies in its path. (For those of you familiar with this power, I have changed the attack to target only the enemy. It will not hurt teamates.)

Blade Master (lvl 4)- This ability allows Arveleg to kill any enemy in one hit.

Leap (lvl 6)- Muahha Arveleg now can jump into an army of enemies and blast them to the four corners of the world!

Fireflight (lvl 8)- Arveleg will shoot a firey missel at the enemy!

Slayer (lvl 9)- One click of this baby and Arveleg will run at near-cavalry speed for the rest of his maptime. Not to mention the temporary boost to damage!

(Note, the heroes may seem over powered, but they will need it! Most of their health is not to normal, and they can be killed easily)

-Argeleb: This hero is the Arnor equivalent of Gondor's Aragorn. This hero is beast in man form. His sword does damage like a small wizard blast. His Powers are:

Horn of Gondor (lvl 1)- This horn, which has no sound, will stop the enemy in its tracks.

Spear Attack (lvl 2)- A projectile, which at level 10 can take out a troll in one shot.

Leap (lvl 3)- Same as arvelegs, but I have seen him attack the enemy while in the air heading toward the enemy :)

Blade Master (lvl 4)- This makes him attack less enemies with one swing of the sword, but the damage done is increased.

Flood (lvl 6)- Sends a flood with horses in it to kill enemy within a certain area.

Slayer (lvl 9)- One use of this will permanently increase Argelebs speed to as fast as cavalry. His power is temporarily increased.

(Argeleb and Arveleg are good at stopping the enemy and keeping them off gandalf and damrods back while they shoot/blast the enemy to smithereens)

-Gandalf: This Gandalf can blast whole armies back. Hid Powers are:

Wizard Blast (lvl 1)- This wizard blast is more than twice as strong as the normal one, shooting very far and wide.

Lightning Sword (lvl 2)- Recharges in 1 1/2 min. instead of like 4.

(Other powers are the same as before with no changes)

-Damrod: The Legolas of Arnor, This beast has amazing health without me having to change it, and his powers are freakin awsome already as well. One I think almost everyone doesnt know about. All his powers are available from the start, which are:

Toggle Weapon- switch between bow and sword.

Leadership- Gives bonus to nearby troops.

Deadly Sniper- Damrod shoots so fast its hard to keep track of his arrows!

Rally Rangers- This is his main power. He can summon a horde of rangers to his side, and the rangers wont disappear. They are there till they die. The timer on this power is incredibly fast, so you can summon whole armies of rangers. However, this power has no picture on the palantir, and so most people are unaware of it. Its on there though!

The first level is easy. This level is for leveling up. After that its gets steadely more difficult.

If your hero dies, He will spawn back after 25-45 sec. He will only spawn back once! And he does not come back fully leveled up either.

Finally, If you cant beat the wave, your teamates have just died and their heroes wont spawn back for like half a min. or so, or your hero just spawned back and you want him back to lvl 10 fast, send your hero into the trees to the right of the tunnel entrance. He will teleport to a small secluded valley, full of lvl up items, for 30 sec. after that he will teleport to the tunnel entrance.


The enemy is not a comp, Every spot should be team 1.

Occasionally on the 5th wave not all the enemy will attack. If you have defeated all the enemy you can see, and it does not show the next waves timer counting down, than search the places the enemy spawns at to see if there are any left behind.

On the fourth wave a boat comes half way up the river and drops off some enemy, make sure you kill it to start the next wave.

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