New Age (Nowa Era) Mod



screenshots, informations about new version etc. Mod is updating often, so stay in touch!There are some changes, which are coming up with New Age (Nowa Era) 0.2:* Mod is basing on unofficial patch 2.02 - It includes all changes made in this great patch.* Deleted command points cost for buy a Heroes (except own Heroes)* Buildings are more tough now, their health is increased, from 100% to 175%* Command limits increased (Minimum 25% up, Maximum 50%)* New splash / Movie style* New menu / Movie style* New portraits for heroes (in BFME I movie style)(Some fixed instead of version 0.1)* Deleted advertisments when game is loading up (Only Intro stayed on its place)* New textures for big group of heroes (evil & good)* Units can now reach lvl 8 instead of 5 !* Deleted housecolorsEnjoy!


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