New Age ( Nowa Era ) Mod



http://www.New-Age.xn.pl - You can found there screenshots, informations about new version etc.There are changes, which are coming up with New Age (Nowa Era) Final Version:* It got fixed bugs from version 0.2* Mod is basing on patch 2.01* Deleted command points cost for buy a Heroes (except own Heroes and Ring Heroes)* Buildings are more tough now, their health is increased, from 100% to 175%* Command limits increased (Minimum 50% up, Maximum 50%)* New splash / Movie style* New menu / Movie style* New portraits for heroes (in BFME I movie style)(Gloin fixed instead version 0.2)* Deleted advertisments when game is loading up (Only Intro stayed on its place)* New textures for big group of heroes (evil & good)* Units can now reach lvl 8 instead of 5 !* Deleted housecolorsEnjoy!


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