Panic's Arnor Mod RoTD



fortress)ArveduiDamrodElrondBuildingsFarmBarracksArcheryRangeStableWall HubElven Barracks (Arnor Style)Workshop/seige Workshop (Now able to be levelled up to level 3)Market Place (replaces Hero statue)Fortress (Ivory tower now upgradeable)Battle TowerForge/BlacksmithUnitsFighter HordeArcher HordeKnight HordeDunedain Ranger HordeTrebuchetImladris Warrior Horde (replaces Mithlond sentry)Lindor Warrior HordeRivendell Lancer HordeDunedain Royal Guard (Tower Guard)Extras:Arnor are now in WoTR however it is still really buggy so if you decide to use Arnor in WoTR, remember to save regularly. Also if you lose a WoTR scenario as Arnor, the hero army that lost will cause the game to crash if selected. The auto resolve values for Arnor are really weak so don't bother trying to auto resolve.Men:Earnur addedAngmar:Khamul addedGoblins:Fellbeast addedInstallation:1) go to the RoTWK main directory at C:Program Files (x86)Electronic ArtsThe Lord of the Rings, The Rise of the Witch-king or whtever it is your PC, and remove the .INI file and move it somewhere safe2) Extract the ArnorINI file from the zip archive and place it in your RoTWK main Directory.3) start the game and enjoy the changes!Usage:You may use the information form this mod for your own files but give credit and also, do not post this file on any other websites without my permission.


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