Power of The Elves



The sequal to Power of the Elves mod (duh), changes it to ROTWK Same changes, with some new ones: Elves *cough*op*cough* All units have a bit more health then before Noldor Warriors: 2500 health, 300 damage Lindon and Imladirs warriors can now be built from barrack Lindon has 800 health They both cost 900 Lindon come with heavy armor, but Imladris can't get it.... can't remember anything else about them right now :p (don't build the imladris though, they are kinda weak, though they cost only 48 sommandpoints) Everyone else: All axethrowers have been nerfed Arrows do less damage to buildings All the other changes can be found on the thingy for my orginal mod ;) eh, I got bored again and decided to do all the changes again :p Elves Noldor 2500 health, 300 damage with sword Lindon and Imladirs warriors can be built from barracks Lindon 800 health, 75 damage, 150 upgraded with sword, cost 900 Imladris 500 health, 75 damage, 150, cost 900 Lorien warrior cost 500, health 450 Lorien archer cost 500, health 400 Mithlond cost 550, health 500, damage 65 Mirkwood cost 700, health 450 Lancer cost 700, health 600 Glorfindel health 4500, damage 250, cost 2000 Haldir health 3000, damage 120, cost 1500 Elrond health 4500, now has AoE Men Gondor soldiers health 300 Gondor archers health 250 Dwarves Gloin health 3000, damage 200 Dain health 3000, damage 250 Axethower damage 20 Mordor Orcs 20 command points Orc archers 40 command points Easterlings 45 command points Corasirs 45 command points Haradrim archers 50 command points Isen All uruk-hai(swords, crosssbows, pikemen) 45 command points Goblins Goblin and goblin archers same changes as orcs and orc archers Angmar Axethrowers damage 20, range halved Second Version Mithlonds 600 health, cost 600 Lindon warriors coast 1100 Noldor Warriors cost 2000 Uruk-hai and upgrades can be built from orc pit Orcs have 100 health, now free Blackorcs have 350 health, 100 damage upgraded, 36 command points house color removed (always wanted to do that) Must have been more then that, I was working to long for just that....oh well 3rd Version (2.3) Lorien Archer health reduced to 300 Mirkwoods now built at level 2 barracks Lindon Warriors now built a level 2 barracks Imladirs Warriors can no longer be built, but....(drum roll) Lorien Warriors now have their skin! All upgrades work and show, only problem is some of them still run with their bows, they switch to swords when attacking and stopped, the rest have their swords out all the time. AndI can't remember, the warriors took my mind off everything *NOTE* You do not need to download all the versions, only the one you want, 2.2 has all the changes as 2, and 2.3 has 2.2 2.4 Infantry speeds increased, other little bugs worked out. Tower Guard Health 600 from 520 Uruk-hai(for mordor) can only be built at level 2 orc pit. 2.5 Knights of Dol Amroth Health 1200 Tower Guards Health now 1000, come in batts of ten, and now have the skin and model they did in BFME1. So now they have those bad-ass sheilds.

Well. all in all, the mod is pretty good, and the changes to the tower guard are awsome :D. Yay shields.



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