Realms of the Elf Lords



The Realms of the Elf-Lords mod changes Rise of the Witch-King with the aim of making it more fun - more balanced, and truer to the Lord of the Rings books and movies.

It is a collection of code changes, unit stat changes, but also visual effect and skin changes, that alter the overall feel of the game.

Major changes include: - Reskins for many dwarven units - Reskinned, dark heavy armor for evil factions to replace the gold one - Tougher Ents, Mumakil - Stance changes - Hero handling changes (slower to build and revive, cost less CP) - Wall, structure and siege combat improvements - Archery modifications - Peasants, a new special unit for Men, recruitable at farms - Powers returning from Battle for Middle-Earth 1 (Gandalf the White, Draft, Call the Horde) - A complete hero vs hero counter system - And much, much more!

where you can find the complete changelog, the link to download, and news as the mod gets updated.

As of version 5, this mod is compatible with and requires patch 2.01 for Rise of the Witch-King.

Good luck, have fun ~Lord Firkraag


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