RotWK - Defend the City of Abargleb



Hello everyone,

Here it is, a version of my earlier map "Defend the Remains of Abargleb" But in it's glory time ;)

You will get to face the same amount of wave as in the original map, since I've used the same wave scripts.

Differences in this map compared to the ruined version.

- There are no more broken statues - The ruined tower on the mountain passage is now a normal tower - the town in front of the main gate is now restored - added more details to the Amon Sul tower, since it is now located in the middle of the city - There is a new wall, the remains of this wall were already included in the ruined version.

Don't forget to download this map, and have fun ;)

- GreatElvenKing



How to install this map:

1. Download the map
2. Go to start
3. Click "Run"
4. Enter "%appdata"
5. Go to "My lord of the Rings Rise of the Witchking files"
6. Go to "Maps"
7. Extract the files here, be sure you use your "zip-opener" to extract the files, dont drag them into here.

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