RotWK- Defend the Remains of Abargleb



As stated in the news post, the RotWK files will be moved to the BFME2 section under a sub-category called RotWK as the devloper names aren't coming up.

Hello everyone,

It's been a while since I've posted a map, but I have decided to start working with BFME II again. Lord of the Rings Conquest was a huge disappointment to me, so I've decided to focus on ROTWK again, so expect more maps in the near future :)

Well, I've been working on this map for a few days, and it has gone through some serious bèta testing. I'm pretty sure everything is very optimized now and without any bugs. The past few days, you might have seen this map show up in your server list, since I've been spreading the bèta version of this map since tuesday :)

About the map; It's a stronghold, probably located in the Northwest of the Arnorian region Arthedain. It includes a nice village, a main gate, a mountain passage for flanking tactics and a keep. In front of the "main wall" you see a lot of ruins, this area of Abargleb has been destroyed by earlier attacks, I might make a map with Abargleb in it's full glory days.

You have to defend the city against waves of Uruks, Mumakil's, Catapults and more minions of evil.

I will upload some screenshots, I'm very sorry but I am unable to take any screenshots ingame, so you will have to see wheter you like the map by seeing these WorldBuilder screenshots.

Thank you very much and have fun,

Dennis van Ark.



How to install this map:

1. Download the map
2. Go to start
3. Click "Run"
4. Enter "%appdata"
5. Go to "My lord of the Rings Rise of the Witchking files"
6. Go to "Maps"
7. Extract the files here, be sure you use your "zip-opener" to extract the files, don't drag them into here.

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