Rotwk Map Pack v3

rotwk_map_pack_v3.rar —


This map pack very nicely created by Kushtrim includes all of our favourite maps for Rotwk, check out what maps it has:

300 - A Beautiful Death 300 - No Prisoners , No Mercy 8 player bridge 4v4 edited by rx Alagaesia the world of inheritance V2 Angband Fortress Angmar Assault II (Snow 7) anuminas Archer`Wars by norway_rule Assault on Carn Dum Babylon Barad-Dur Barand Map Beach Assault bfme 1 copied by GayP bwisengart Cair Andros Cirith Orodruin-Rotwk Climb the Mountain Tournament Crysis(bykillermud)noini Defense of Durnholde(bykillermud)V1 Dol Amroth Elven_Tribal_Wars Forest Bash (by Adro) Foret du Troll Farceur Fortress of Numenor 3v5 Gates of Ered Luin gladiator evolution fixed-smeagle3456 Glorfindel chronicles Gondolin the Hidden City Gondor Fortress green_lands Grey Mountains Grey Mountains No Ring Helm's Deep Realism Map Hero Duel's(bykillermud)V1.1 Hidden Clif City Hills of Evendim Hogwarts School of Weaponary Isengard Drawned lake doom 8p by gholan Land of Battle-WK Last Stand lefolyn Manor of the Eorl Menelfalas Minas Tirith Scripted Minas_Tirith_VS_Minas_Morgul_V1_by_Adro Misty Mountains Fortress Misty_Mountains_II_pic Mordor Battle Arena V2 Mordor's Vengence3 Mountain wars Naval Blockade OldDwarfStronghold Osgiliath Pasidon's Chaotic Tower Wars Resource Race (2v2) Resource Race (FreeForAll) River Running RPG Advencture by TheNotorius Multiplayer Version RPG Adventure by TheNotorius Singleplayer Version SanctumOfInsanity Saurons_Will_V4_Helms_Deep Shelob's Lair ...By Como Silent Valley Castle snowy battlefield SnowyHills-WK Stand-Off The beaches of Troy 1-player by norway_rule The Chase for freedom(bykillermud) The Coming Of Darkness The ents have died v5 The Fall of Stormwind The Great Balrog Duel V2 The Hobbit Defense The Holy Land 3v3 The Kingdom of MEV The Kings Valley The Last Great Battle ROTWK by [WKD]Clown01 the last stand of Anor The Mirkwoods' Kingdom byTheNotorius the one gladiator The Prison Of Middle-Earth The Realm of the Goblins The Shade Wolfs' Lair by Adro The three hunters the_mt._of_Doom_5vs2 the_realm_of_the_goblins The_Spine_of_Amroth Tomb of the Witch King Tomb of the Witch King MP Ultimate_Rusher_map valley_to_arnor Vaults of Erebus War of the 4 lands Wars Of Arda Dol Amroth WeatheredLostriand Weathertop_Aragorn_Hobbits Where The Shadows Lie War Of The 4 Seas Story Castle (Gerono Hold) Create-A-Hero Wave Defender AROKH UltimaDefensa

So get on and download them all together!


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