The Battle for Numenor Mod



This is a german mod for Rotwk the web adress is www.the-battle-for-numenor.de.vu or www.the-battle-for-numenor.tk It makes Numenor playable Units: Numenor Soldiers Numenor Rider Numenor Archer Numenor Ranger Numenor Towerguards

Structures: Farm Barracks Tower Archerrange Fortress Smith wall foundation (havent found a better english name for this XD) Herostatue Well

Heros: Elros Tar Minyatur Vardamir Nólimon 2 others arent ready yet

Elros Tar Minyatur Abilities: Level 3 Sword of Numenor, Damage for 3 secs 300% more Level 5 Leadership Level 10 Power of the Palantir, destroy all units arround elors

Vardamir Nólimon Level 1 switch weapon Level 3 leadership Level 8 sniper, its like the last power of legolas

some changes ingame: archer etc. havent got a hitpercentage on 100%, they have a lesser hit percentage


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