The Ruins



An average sized four-player map. The most notable feature are the ruins in the center, which server the purpose of making the map less boring (laugh now). The player who starts in the top left corner gets access to a shipwright, and from there, can use the islands to the north however he pleases. There is also a cluster of treasure in the middle of the peak of the hill where the ruins are worth 15,000 and 2 levels, but you need to fly/teleport to it unless you decimate the barricades first. I made this map for looks just as much as play, so try to look at the little details while owning your opponent(s) (laugh now).



A basic four player Map, Sorry if the water is a bit glitchy, this was my first time putting water on a map. Basically the point of those islands on the top of the map is a fall back strategy for the player playing in the top left corner. There is enough room for a small base and a lumber mill. The only weakness is, once you loose that shipwright, you're STUCK. The ruins themselves house 1500 in treasure, and 2 level up totems. Blink/teleport is required to get in there. This map was made more for looks just as much as for play, so remember to just play to look some time. 

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