Age of Numenor Mod Update- Rename the X-Factions!

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Published by Digz 9 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


The Age of Numenor Mod (AoN) is currently going an overhaul to it's X-Factions. I'll explain the X-Factions first before going into detail. The mod doesn't have factions as in out and out factions, you start off with a town center and you build wells and resource buildings, but you don't have to choose a faction. This is where the X-Factions come in, you can choose a faction when in the game instead of in the lobby, each faction costs a certain amount to join, so it's harder for the other player to figure out who you are and what your likely to be building. Hope that explains it, here is Radspakr's post he made:

I have decided that X-Factions doesn't sound right for Middle-Earth so I thought it's time I renamed them but what? I can't come up with anything so I thought ask you guys,then I thought about making it a contest.

It will be simple come up with a new name for the X-Faction system the one I like most wins. The winner will get a custom signature banner and their name in the Mod's credits.

I have attached a text document that will give some more info on the "X-Faction" system

Here is the text document:

Each faction starts out with a Town centre (each faction will have a different one) and 2 builders. The builders can only build non unit production buildings and upgrade buildings like Town centres,farms wells etc. From the Town Centre the player is give a choice between 2 Faction upgrades. Purchasing the faction upgrade will more or less have depending on which faction you choose. Players don't have to purchase the upgrade straight away they can build up resources first and go with a more expensive faction they can not however defend them selves.

The faction upgrade changes the command sets for the builder.the spell book and for captured outposts.

Outposts will allow the player to build selected units from the faction the player didn't choose for instance if the player using the Men faction and you chose Numenor they can build Northmen units from the outpost.

Prices for the Factions are as follows -

Northmen - 500 Numenor - 2000

Khazad Dum - 2000 Blue Mountains - 500

High Elves - 1000 Wood Elves - 500

Black Numenor- 2000 Dunharrow - 500

Mordor - Free Angmar -1000

Harad -500 Rhun - 1000

You can register on T3A forums and give him some suggestions to help him out. The thread in question is here.

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