BFME2 Battletest 2.2 Patch Released

By Digz 16 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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The Battletest balance-patch has been released! This mod changes and fixes bugs in the game and increases balance in BFME2, this patch is used in clanwars so you must have this patch to play clanwars in BFME2. Here are some of the main changes: [quote]1 - Fully automated installer. It de-installs previous versions, installs the new one and has an activate/de-activate option in the start menu to restore to regular 1.06 mode when you feel like it, all without ever requiring you to mess with files. 2 - Updated English tooltips (strings) file by Rainmaker. Installed optionally after the main Bt2DC install, only for English language installs. 3 - A full new 1v1 tournament-style map following the molds of Fords of Isen II but with a twist - Ankh Morpork. By YidArmy1885, balance and flow re-design by MaDDoX. As well as of course many balance tweaks and changes. You can find a full changelog as well as download links over at Gamereplays.org.[/quote] To download head over to gamereplays.org here

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