BFME2 Lotrfiles Ladder Launched

By Digz 17 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Lotrfiles has just launched its BFME Team ladder! The Team ladder is where you make a team, you invite people in and play against other teams, the team with the most points wins the tournament for the month! It's sort of like our own clanwars,so its very exciting times and a rise of the witchking ladder will also be created very soon. I will be competing in the BFME2 ladder so get your teams ready, ask all your friends that play BFME2 and get them to register on gamespy, its free, and you make a team in your player home after you register. Call it whatever you want, put your friends email addresses in to invite them to your team and play against other teams in the league. If this goes well i will definately put up an Rotwk league and have prizes for it, no doubt about it, test the BFME2 one first so everyone come back to BFME2, have a few games and have some fun. Here are the rules stated: [Quote]Do not use Custom Heroes or any human made maps, maps must be either one of these: Buckland Udun Osigliath and any other normal maps you can play on! Do not use hacks or anything or you will be banned If your game has not come through please wait 1 hour, make sure you save the replay and send it overto [email protected] Make sure you have fun![/Quote] Here is the link to the ladder: http://arena.gamespy.com/ladder/44520 And here is the link to gamespy: http://arena.gamespy.com And here is the link to register with gamespy: www.login.gamespy.com Please sign up quick as spots will be going fast! The faster you sign up the faster you can get gaming! Digz

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