Clanwars results June

By Digz 17 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Congratulations on another great clanwar gaming month! some of the top players have got some replay packs so we wil be sharing those in the next two days! CLAN CHAMPION Congratulations to the following: 1 [OoE] 38,686 pts 2 DivA 29,069 pts 3 Helix| 26,190 pts 4 HFD| 25,654 pts 5 EaE| 22,858 pts WARRIOR CHAMPION Congratulations to the following: 1 [OoE]LordofWar 15,731 pts 2 Diva|Crisis 13,763 pts 3 [OoE]Shezmii 13,659 pts 4 DiVa|FireWire^ 11,807 pts 4 Sm3|LyC4t|GG| 11,528 pts FACTION CHAMPIONS Congratulations to the following: Dwarves Champion: [BBC]PHOBBOS Elves Champion: [OoE]EiGhTBall Goblins Champion: [OoE]Shezmii Isengard Champion: [OoE]LordofWar Men Champion: [BBC]Max Mordor Champion: [OoE]Shezmii Congratulations once again and may the force be wth you for the next month!

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