Coming to a Lotrfiles near you! Issue: 28/08/2006

By Digz 17 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Ok hey guys welcome to the 2nd issue of coming to a lotrfiles near you, this issue will be quite short as most of the things that i said last week are uploading as i am writing this so there major downloads to come. Firstly i would like to start off with my replays that are coming in, there is a great game i had where my partner left and it was a 2v1 and i obviously came out on top. I'm giving you the option to download the replay or I'm going to make a video on it as well, it was a tense game but no gets passed me when i am motw and have Rohirum. The Second thing about my replay is i will be releasing a Replay pack of all my games in August and the last month of patch 1.04 so make sure you get it! I will be creating a Motw extravaganza where i as motw take on all forces and show you how to beat them! So make sure you watch out for that, most of them will be of 2v2's as i am really only a 2v2 player but ill adapt the video in a certain way. And of course with the release of Elvenstar Mod patch 4.1 on lotrfiles 4.2 will be released quite soon so you should watch out for that definetaly. Hope you look forward to these downloads and of course maps and mods which are really unpredictable apart from DesertFox's announced mod. which we can host it here for free! Well anyones mods or maps or files for free! Thank for Reading Digz lotrfiles Site Admin

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