Lord of the Rings Files Official Hall of Fame announced

By Digz 17 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Before anyone comes to any conclusions Lotrfiles is having a Hall of Fame on the site. The images have been made by me showing you are either: The Best Mapper Best Modder Most Active Member The awards will be given on a fortnight basis, so every 2 weeks the person who has done the best map/mod or who has been the most active and helpful member will get put up on our poll where you can decide who wins for that fortnight. This award cannot be won easily as i will decide who goes up into the poll first of all, not just anyone who posts a file. If you win the same award more than 15 times than let's say a special prize awaits you. You may think 15 is not much but thats just 30 weeks and you get 2 or maybe if I'm feeling happy 3 prizes! At the end of every 5 awards we will be having our very own oscars! So if you have won quite a lot you may get nomiated for an award and win via again the public polls. Now anyone thinking they can outsmart me and keep voting for themselves i can tell who has voted and what time they have so if you voted for yourself more than once, or voted more than once at all you will be disqualified from this awards fortnight and the next 5. Here are the awards: Best Mapper Best Modder Most Active Member Thank you everyone and good luck, the awards start from now, so post in as many maps and mods and be more active on lotrfiles by evaluating maps and things and you will be up for the poll! And maybe even win the first awards! Digz

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