LOTRFILES BFME2 mentor/mentee project

By Digz 17 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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LotRFiles has decided to do their own mentor/mentee project for those who weren't members of gamereplays.org or for the gamereplays.org members who didn't get a mentee or mentor so it's all good and of course if you are part of neither gruop just sign up! This is how to apply if you want to be a mentor: I would like to apply as a mentor BFME2 Nickname(you will use for your mentee) : [DB]Digz Nickname on forums: Digz Qualifications: Top clanwars player won about 55% of cw played, use to play qm won 100% percent of matches so far played Factions best at: All (random) BUT PLEASE DONT WRITE DOWN RANDOM IF YOU ARE TOP RANDOM PLAYER THEN DO SO!! Timezone(THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO GET PEOPLE TOGETHER WITH THE RIGHT TIMEZONES):GMT To apply as a mentee you would write everything like this but change it: I would like to apply as a mentee BFME2 Nickname(you will use for your mentee) : [DB]Digz Nickname on forums: Digz What you need help with: e.g Dwarves and microing Timezone: GMT Thank you for all that apply for this just reply here so its easier for me to see or send me a email: [email protected] Thank you for all this idea was created by gr.org I just wanted to say I felt sorry for all those that got left out now I'm offering it to all those guys and the public yes our great LOTRFILES members just sign up it would be great fun and help to the lotr bfme community! There may also be a mentor mentee 2v2 tournament afterwards!

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