Lotrfiles File Rating

By Digz 17 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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I have decided now to continue with what we used to do or totally didn't do. I will rate the file on behalf of what i thought of the map/mod and show it up. You can rate the file as well, please rate the file. It's there for you to use and to compare with all of my ratings i have given it. It will also give other members or people wanting to download the file of what you thought of it. So please don't just download the file, rate it, comment on what they could have done better next time (please constructive criticism). I want to make the Lotrfiles community stronger, to do that this is just one simple step we can take to improving modders and mappers till eventually we will have the perfect mod or map. Some argue it was and still is the Elvenstar but there can be a better one. We need to help out the modders and mappers of today by leaving comments and rating their files so it gives them a helping hand to making themselves better as a modder/mapper. Thanks Digz

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