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By Digz 16 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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The S.E.E Mod was probably one of the best mods I've beta tested, it highly ranks with the Elvenstar Mod and even the RJ-Rotwk Beta, if you get anything this Halloween it has to be the S.E.E Mod and did I mention you don't even have to pay or go out to get it! The new BFME is here, we could even call this BFME3 because it certainly would be an EA-like sorry! Blizzard-like game. I have to say Nazgul has assembled one fine team to create a mod, here are the team that created the S.E.E Mod: Nazgul Sulherokhh TheDeadPlayer Lauri RobnKarla They each their very own part to play in this mod and we should give them a huge congratulations for making BFME2 playable again and enjoyable again with getting the community involved and really giving out a community mod that everyone will be willing to play and also willing to continue playing. At the start of this mod in particular they did not give too much away, there was a whole air of enigma around the mod, no one knew what is was going to be about, however by playing the beta and really getting into the mod by going to their site, registering on the T3A forums and taking part most people know now fully what the mod is and what is adds. Most people think of a mod that it should make lots of new factions. heroes and units but why? The S.E.E Mod has no new factions instead they have basically re-designed all six factions in BFME2 by adding new units, heroes and most importantly skins! The world has changed from good to evil Middle Earth has changed for the better of the community. Just some things of the mod you may already know, I hope I don't spoil too many surprises for you or for the team, I really wanted to mention some of the best things you have done with the mod, firstly introducing a Rohan build system into the Men of the West one was brilliant, yes thats right people you can have Rohan units and buildings from Men of the West builder, of course that means you have buy a Golden Hall, which is like the Rohan fortress to get Rohan heroes and most popularly Rohan Stables to buy the ever great Rohirrum. Another great feature you have added is Ugluk, We have been waiting for him now for years since BFME1 came out and you have put him in there quite nicely with nice powers and a good look to him. Last but for definitely not least your skinning, most of the credit there I guess goes to Lauri on that one, but to be truthfully honest the new skins look awesome, players will see that when they see the skins of Gondor and Isengard and they will say wow, that is really what they look like in the movies! And exactly the same to the goblins, mordor, elves and dwarves they look near-perfect. But of course don't get me wrong team, just because you released S.E.E doesn't mean we don't expect updates and patch, we'd love to see even more done to the mod to make it better because we always love to see Mods come and stay with patches and newer versions instead of coming and going. I would like to thank MordorSlayer for updating LotrFiles on the Mod as it's been of even more interest than all of the EA announcements or any announcement that has been made on this site, every comment has been to do with S.E.E thanks to MordorSlayer. With new heroes, units, skins and the good re-skinned buildings from Rohan your probably thinking what else is new, well the gameplay has completely changed, build times have decreased just to not be so rushy rushy, instead of sending one battalion which will die instantly it forces you to build a stronger greater army to really make those battles big and what people want! There is a huge emphasis on siege, finally battering rams and ballistas, catapults and mines are coming to some degree of use, in the beta I had to get seige in every one of my games, to kill the opponent you can't have a quick mine guardian rush (my speciality :cool:) with rallying call and take him out, it needs time and more skill, positioning your army is key and it makes you think much more about your attacking. By simply making siege more useful and units only useful to take out other heroes and units it has made the game more of a Total War game where skirmishes take ages just like they did in BFME1. Congratulations S.E.E Team! You get an official 9/10! Of course the other 1 is waiting when you release your patches and newer version just to make sure you do :p I'm sure I can speak on behalf of the community in saying: Keep it real guys! Keep working hard because your mods are the best we have seen in a long time! Digz

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