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By Digz 17 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Ok guys seen as Rise of the Witchking is coming out and me bieng here for quite some time (4 months i think) i think it's time for a change. The banner at the top of the page we have now is about BFME1, i want something thats BFME2/ Rotwk. So to all graphic designers out there get out your software and make a banner same size as this one( i don't have the measurements sorry) and make one based on Rise of the Witchking the BFME2 expansion pack, you want it a but dark and cold like EA's new design for there own BFME2 website to support EA. If i get permission from the network i also wish to change the colour of the site to more of a Rotwk way a bit more dark and cold like the EA site! Thanks once again Digz

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