PotD Crisis

By Digz 17 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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[Quote]But how long has this same pic been up for? isnt there any better ones.[/Quote] This struck me real hard yes we always have had a potD crisis well don't just send in one picture at a time send in loads they'll all get around to being shown. So just send them him, you cannot cater for everyones needs, some people will like them some will not, It's life. A little note to crablord: I have edited your posts for several reasons they were very abusive and well I needed a laugh. Yes I am very lenient towards lotrfiles as it is close to my heart and I love this site more than anything so that's how I am with this site, I will edit posts and that's that. However if anyone does take their comments over the top like you did crablord they will be of course warned. The banned crablord this is your official warning I had to make a news of this as everyone must know about this and how to behave in the PotD area. Thank you Digz

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