RC Mod Update - Acosa Bears and Finding the Ring

By Digz 15 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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The RC Mod has so far, changed a lot for the CaH for BFME2, the changes made are huge but definately well justifiable but today is a new update on one of the factions Acosa, and the new banner carrier unit that has been designed, with a new way on how to hunt for the ring. Firstly here is a post from Ridder Geel on the new way to hunt for the ring: [quote]Here we will put up some minor changes in our mod, which will make our mod even more fun to play. The first minor change is: Gollum & Frodo & Sam:
Instead of EA's boring "Slaughter the Gollum" we have decided to make your life a bit more interesting You can hunt on these guys for the ring: Gollum (Ring) Gollum & Frodo (Ring) & Sam Frodo (Ring) & Sam Killing hobbits may yet become your favorite thing to do! wink.gif Though we suggest staying away from sam, as soon as you kill his master he WILL chase you until either he or you gets killed, Poor old Samwise You may reply and give your opinion of these "Changes"! More will be added later [/quote] You can check out the screenshot at the bottom for the model of the Acosa Bear banner carrier unit.

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