Ridder Clan Mod v1.01 Released!

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The latest RC mod to go out is the v1.01 I'm trying to get the mod hosted on the site for everyones conveniance but will give you download links and a changelist here anyway. RC Mod - http://rcmod.the3rdage.net/Downloads/RCModInstaller.exe RC Mod Updater - http://rcmod.the3rdage.net/Downloads/RCModUpdater.exe If you haven't got a previous version of the RC Mod than you [b]must[/b] download the main mod installer and the updater too, if you already have the v.04 version of the mod, than you can just download the updater. Here is the full readme of the RC v1.01 Mod [quote]=================================================================================================== The Lord of the Rings(tm), The Battle for Middle-earth(tm) II - RC MOD Readme File =================================================================================================== +++++Installing the RC MOD+++++ Steps for Installation: 1-Download and Run the RCModInstaller.exe --This Installer will install the basics for the RC Mod game. 2-When asked for a serial enter the SAME serial as the one you used when installing BFME 2 --If you do not know what that serial is then do step B1 3-After completing the RC Mod "main" install you must locate your Game2.dat as requested at the end of the install --Game2.dat is located in your "BFME2InstallDirectory"game2.dat (example:D:Electronic ArtsThe Battle for Middle-earth (tm) II) --Copy Game2.dat and paste it into the RC Mod's game directory (default is:C:Program FilesThe Battle for Middle-earth II - RC Mod) 4-Now download the RC Mod updater from http://rcmod.the3rdage.net/Downloads/RCModUpdater.exe ~~This link is also found in "The Battle for Middle-earth II - RC Modsetup" folder. 5-After downloading the Updater run it and the updater will complete the installation. --If you have done all of this correctly the mod should run on your pc now. +++++Playing the RC MOD+++++ Steps for Playing: 1-Instert your The Lord of the Rings, The Rise of the Witch-king (ROTWK) cd into your cd drive and run the game~No need to do any more steps! --Alternative for people who do not own ROTWK you must download the RC Mod CD! --http://rcmod.the3rdage.net/Downloads/LotrBfMe2RCMod.rar 2-Extract the files out of the LotrBfMe2RCMod.rar (3.2 +/- GB!) 3-Mount or Burn the "CD" to a cd/dvd. ---Mount it with DEAMON TOOLS or another mounting program http://www.daemon-tools.cc/home --DEAMON TOOLS is an easy tool to work with and should not be too hard to understand, but if you have problems you can always ask in our forums! 4-After mounting the CD you must Hide the real CD Drive - There may be some programs for this, you can also do this manually -B2 is manual hiding --B--SPECIAL-CASES-USUALLY-NOT-NEEDED---- B1-run regedit (Windowsxp) Start->Run->open:regedit ---Search through the registry files for My Battle for Middle-earth(tm) II Files ---when its found then you should look in the ergc folder and there you should find the value which is your code! B2-Go to My Computer ---Select the CD Drive ---Right click and press on Properties ---Press on the "Hardware" tab ---Select the name of your CD Drive ---Press Properties ---Change Device usage to: Do Not use this device (disable) ~~~Whenever you want to use the real cd drive again do not forget to change the Device usage back to (Enable) ---Press OK and close the other properties window by pressing OK again If you have any problems installing the Mod you can always ask for help at: http://forums.revora.net/index.php?showforum=1926 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ -=-=-=-=Version=Changes=-=-=-=- _______________________________ Version 1.01 – February 22, 2009 =Game= -Beasts- New Hero: Smournakk (the Great Beast) Unit changes & Button fixes -Rohan- Pleasing has been Removed... -Ridder Clan- Blacky has 3 New powers White wolf has 1 new power Ridder Geel has been remade Death has a new model Ridder Mage's Elemental strike 'weapon' has been redone Wizard Summon Power works! =CAH= -New Places -New Classes --Acosa --Creatures -New Sub Classes --Ancient Bear (Sword) --Ancient Bear (Spear) --Warg - No powers yet! --Ranger -New power & cost system -New Layout =Others= New Game Minor changes... Not sure which ones. RC Mod Worldbuilder! Rohan Background! <-Same as V0.04! _______________________________ Version 0.06 – December 31, 2008 =Game= -Beasts- Inn Units HAVE been fixed. -Rohan- Pleasing has been temporarily KEPT... -Ridder Clan- Library Changed Wizard Summon Power still does not work, will be fixed in next release! =CAH= -Woman Warrior Has been ADDED! -Princess Geel has been added as a 'system' CAH =Maps= -Bridges Of Fresoan -Bridges Of Fresoan (Low) -Celebdil -Greenfields -Ruined Lands ->Improved/Changed Christmas Background! <-Same as V0.05! _______________________________ Version 0.05 – December 25, 2008 =Game= -Rohan- Pleasing has been temporarily added -Ridder Clan- Wizard Summon Power does not work, will be fixed in another release! Ridder Mage has 2 new powers, Elemental Strike, Dragon Strike. New Tech Icons New Techs ~ Mystic Spellbook & Master Spellbooks Wizards have been changed ~ Spells & Appearance =Maps= -rc fornost Christmas Background! _______________________________ Version 0.04 – December 1, 2008 =Game= -Beasts- Rebalanced Camp added Inn units added -Ridder Clan- Improved Gears Tech added New Tech Icons Hero Times and Costs changed Rohan Background! _______________________________ Version 0.03 – October 31, 2008 =Game= -Rohan- Rohan Warriors added Porter Changed -Beasts- Warg horde bug fix -Ridder Clan Halloween Background! _______________________________ Version 0.02 – October 25, 2008 =Game= -Rohan- Gamling added Changed Archers and Peasants Goldenhall fixed Arrow Tower Expansion added Rohan structures vision increased Goldenhall Flaming munitions added -Beasts- Hellbeast fixed Warg Horde locomoter changed -All Factions can be played online _______________________________ Version 0.01 – October 19, 2008 =Game= -Rohan -Beasts =Maps= -rc cair andros -rc celduin -rc elven plains -rc helms deep -rc isengard outlands -rc quelandon -rc ruined lands -rc snowy mountains -rc wolven plains !Rohan and Beasts' AI work only on RC maps! _______________________________ -------{Credits}------- Ridder Geel Mod Leader Ridder Blauw Acosa Faction & Mapper Nieksa Hithaeglir Faction & Modeler & Mapper rutger Ideas/Brainstormer Lurtz101 Beasts Faction & Coder Brabox Mapper LinkFan Ideas/Brainstormer & Mapper [/quote]

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