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Published by Digz 10 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
It's been a long time since the unofficial 2.02 patch was mentioned, so let me give you a brief overview of the patch and what it does. EA stopped working on RotWK after the 2.01 patch, the community really wanted that patch but it didn't change half of the things that we really wanted changing, it actually created a more balanced game but there are still lots of imbalances and bugs in the game. The original 2.02 unofficial patch was started by Gamereplays staff who played the previous 2.01 version, the version came out late 2007, it fixed lots of bugs and balance issues but as always we want the game to be perfect just like the BTDC for BFME2. The patch has moved forward moving to 2.02b which was theoritically good, looking at the changes made, for balance and bug fixes. Clanwars tried out the patch but the game died as not many people play the patch and many old faces have moved on either to life or other games, even like I did. However the coders are still working on 2.02c and it is due for a end of January release, the community in RotWK is still there, but it is on the wrong patch! 2.02c is the way to move forward from this horrible imbalance and bugged 2.01, if you would download the 2.02b patch and just try it to find what RotWK is like bug-free and balanced then click here , then maybe you can decide on whether or not to download 2.02c. If you like the 2.02b patch then why not recommend it to friends? We need more people playing the game and enjoying it rather than playing the game and getting angry when losing to archer spam campers! So please try out the 2.02b and then try out 2.02c, because it's going to be much better and try to promote the patch as well if you like it because it really is the only way forward for RotWK. This patch can be made official, just like the BTDC, if enough open playing people play it, then EA will make it official, so there is still hope for BFME2 and RotWK! Digz
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