SEE Mod Back On Track

By Digz 16 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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Well the SEE Mod is back on the return of Nazgul their leader and here is some information Mordor Slayer kindly sent me about the mod so far: [quote]We’re currently looking for an experienced and advanced coder to help out with the mod because we have recently lost our head coder, the almighty Sûlherokhh. The most important things are that you have 1) experience from advanced coding and 2) great interest in this mod and it's intentions. Sûlherokhh will still be around to complete the things he started, but we’ll need someone that will be able to carry on his work. We’re collecting all that might be interested in helping out with the coding, and trying to find those that are as highly skilled as possible since coding SEE these days is not exactly a walk in the park. So it will take great experience from coding and also high motivation to code this mod in particular to be able to pick up where Sûl left off. If you're really interested you can send me a PM with some references of your previous experience, or you can e-mail me at seb_1990 {at} hotmail [dot] com. We’d also like to remind people of the SEE survey they can take here Which new units or heroes should we add? Do you use CAH often? Which maps would you like to utilize the new camera system? Answer the survey so we know! < ahref="http://see.the3rdage.net/">Visit Our site Visit Our forum [/quote] If you could think you can help out the SEE Team in coding the ini then please send them an email because we really wouldn't want a mod as big as SEE go down in this way! Digz

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