SEE Trailer Announcement

By Digz 15 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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A post by Mordor Slayer at GamingForums announcing a SEE Trailer, it has a rar option this time if the high-res version doesn't work and some screens below which you should check out. [quote]We've released the first spectacular trailer for Nazgûls Special Extended Edition mod for TBFMEII. It showcases several of the mods main features, namely new units and heroes, new (high-res) skins, new animations, better siege (stronger buildings), the epic new camera angles and of course huge battles. All credit goes to the fantastic Dre@mer at T3A. We deliver what EA couldn't provide. High-res version (136 mb) High-res .rar version Low-res version (17 mb) More trailers will follow, of which one will show the upcoming Evil Men faction. Stay tuned. Note: if the high-res version doesn't work properly, try downloading the .rar version.[/quote]

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