LotR: The Battle for Middle-earth II

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Mods BodiesStayMod II

time. That basically it have fun


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Mods RC Mod

the original main installation file which you can find here on LotRFiles too, as this is only a patch for it. Here are the basic changes to...


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Mods Harder but more fun gameplay

challenging(carefull low-end PC users as this can laaaagggg!!!).Basically what this mod does is the following:1-EVERYONE gets 10000 command...


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Mods GamePlay mod

the building actions and stuff(barely noticable at all) to reduce the punishment dealt to the proccesor.Also new changes have been made:1-If...


Mods RC Mod Updater

is a modification for The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth II. It adds 6 all new factions! Men will be split into Rohan and Go...


Mods BodiesStayModII(1.04 patch version)

http://lordoftherings.filefront.com/file/BFME2_104_Patch;63509 to play the mod


Mods Create A hero

%[email protected]#Command_CreateAHero_Fireball_Level3 Command_CreateAHero_Toughness &Command_CreateAHero_InspireFear_Level1 Command_CreateAHeroLeaders...


Mods BodiesStayModII 1.06 Compatibility

the mod wont workhttp://lordoftherings.filefront.com/file/BFME_2_106_Patch_English;70601Working onBodies for The witch King Ex...


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Mods Isengard Superiority

value.When in Create-A-Hero, the Easterling corrupted man has 99 attribute points.All structures are near invincible. Actual health value is...