LotR: The Battle for Middle-earth II

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Replay: woa v wub Guest 38KB 11
Replay: sith v dream Guest 23KB 24
Replay: btm v chard Guest 27KB 49
Replay: daw v xxx Guest 35KB 47
Replay: a clan war v diva Guest 146KB 96
Replay: A clan war v pyro Guest 109KB 185
Replay: diva v ncv Guest 35KB 45
Replay: eagle v ncv Guest 51KB 53
Replay: gsense v ukla Guest 28KB 56
Replays: foolish loss in cw Guest 25KB 16
Replay: grom 2v2 cw Guest 35KB 47
Replay: np v esa Guest 37KB 26
Replay: sos v tdn Guest 27KB 22
Replay: cw using new strategy Guest 20KB 69
Replay: woa v fear Guest 41KB 14
Replay: sphynx 2v2 cw Guest 106KB 20
Replay: eagle v usb Guest 165KB 65
Replay: woa v epg Guest 70KB 13
Replay: thad cw Guest 34KB 18
Replays: EWM cw Guest 29KB 19
Replay: np v pow cw Guest 19KB 18
Replay: wise v ewm Guest 29KB 16
Replay: pinkfloyd v iwubme cw Guest 31KB 14
Replay: lnl v pow 2v2 cw Guest 79KB 56
Replays: [DB]Sexologos7 replay pack cw Guest 44KB 26
Replay: 1v1 66 v ncv cw Guest 29KB 64
Replay: cw in April DreaM|Ainamir Guest 1.13MB 56
Replay: April replay pack - [SW] and [POW] Guest 1.6MB 45
Replay: Replay pack DivA| FireWiRe^ Guest 1.66MB 27
Replay: Replay Pack [Epic] cw Guest 1.26MB 25
Replay: myc v bioxar 2v2 cw Guest 46KB 34
Replay: 2v2 cw pow v diva Guest 59KB 80
Replay: ooe v eagle Guest 36KB 27
Replay: 1v1 cw ooe|pillbots v horizon|eagle Guest 62KB 72
Replay: cw FBI v EOW Guest 33KB 72
Replays: DiVa|Fait^ clanwar replay pack Guest 2.81MB 73
Replay: CF v SOS 2v2 Guest 80KB 92
Helix v PoW 2v2 cw Guest 24KB 268
Ranger08 June replay pack clanwars Guest 556KB 104
Horizon June replay pack Guest 4.28MB 161
Replay: DivA|InTriNsic` vs. KyRaN|DiA^, Isengard vs. Goblins Guest 72KB 93
Replay: AB|BeAuTy^ vs. [OoE]BlacKLoTuS, Isengard vs. Dwarves Guest 30KB 93
Replay: DivA| vs DOTR, Dwarves vs Isen Guest 57KB 116
4vaya Clanwar Replay pack 4vaya 2.51MB 125