LotR: The Battle for Middle-earth II

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Shadar 3v3 Shadar Logoth 435KB 3660
The Gates of Ered Luin Elvenlord 1.28MB 2189
Battle For Moria Badwell 303KB 3549
Minas Tirith: Return of the King Style Dychko Of Mordor 472KB 4217
Minas Morgul Goboboy 228KB 1532
Escalaras IakonaThiar 351KB 852
Eastern Ithilien Link058 122KB 603
The Great Battle of Lycia Link058 85KB 942
Gondolin Matthew Luckow 415KB 1404
Little Bridge Kobold23 448KB 861
The Fortress Buccane 366KB 2506
Brandybuck Manor kamikaze01 209KB 834
War of Attrition Dave05 472KB 1743
Once Upon a Time Kobold23 222KB 552
The Carven Fortress eliec 273KB 1769
Cat and Mouse Guest 223KB 687
Create-A-Hero Wave Defender P-Luke 5KB 2759
Recipe Battlefield Pluke 141KB 596
Land of Waklozar Jordan_jjoedn 188KB 592
Gondolin Jedi_Rafael 201KB 1037
Eregion MajorDima 308KB 1523
City of ages Saphra 93KB 1603
Minas Tirith Large Edition vonfrank 1.08MB 3036
Middle Ground Captain_D 924KB 491
Ultimate Alliance RGInquisitor 19KB 272
No Rush Map Pack Derek Guedes 6.13MB 1238
"Whoozy, the stoned elf" BFME2 Mappack Whoozy 978KB 9140
Collectors Edition Maps Guest 3.6MB 10298
The maps from Missions Lord Daemon 1.23MB 3135
Converted beta maps Whoozy & Rohadhrim 786KB 1031
HW campaing maps pack markmaster44 5.43MB 1865
Gladiator Mappack Guest 860KB 3039
Gladiator Mappack Guest 853KB 1191
BFME2 Map pack Guest 1.63MB 8363
Wild Wars battle map pack tymeisterIII 49KB 1537
SirWackaPack Map pack SirWackaLot 6.16MB 1964
BFME2 Map Pack [THAD]Rohara 24.76MB 6055
Updated EA Maps Lord of Nazgul 3.01MB 1563
Acropoli Map Pack Guest 276KB 1843
Madsci BFME2 Map pack madsci989 1.63MB 1728
Climb the Mountain Tournament aragon94 1.63MB 614
The 3 Choke Points Saphara 207KB 393
Rangers co-op mirkwood [CKM]Makar 815KB 361
Acropolis Guest 294KB 608
The Return of Sauron jamjam525 158KB 367
Besiegement of Minas Tirith killer421 368KB 2968
The islands of umbar Guest 152KB 114
The Hidden Elven Haven E. M. Fitzgerald 846KB 322
Amon Hen three player BlackHunter 642KB 672
The Five Hills of Rohan [WKD]FIGHTER 132KB 235