LotR: The Battle for Middle-earth II

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Jungle Island Pre Trailer 640x480 Smartdude1401 13.68MB 110
The battle for lorien pre- map teaser Guest 10.56MB 45
BFME2 Trailer #4 EA 70.36MB 597
The Battle for Middle-Earth II Movie #5 EA 129.71MB 862
The Battle for Middle-Earth II Animation Teaser EA 42.21MB 142
Battle for Middle-Earth II 'Multiplayer' Trailer EA 84.25MB 245
Battle for Middle-Earth II 'Base Building' Trailer EA 38.5MB 248
Battle for Middle-Earth II 'Naval Combat' Trailer EA 22.37MB 187
Battle for Middle-Earth II 'Dol Goldur' Trailer EA 10.54MB 295
Battle for Middle-Earth II 'Ettenmoors' Trailer EA 10.25MB 256
BFME2 Elves vs. Men of the West Trailer Guest 39.75MB 992
Battle For Middle-Earth 2 - Super Powers Trailer EA 17.48MB 579
Battle for Middle Earth II 'IsenMor' Trailer EA 17.81MB 256
Battle for Middle-Earth 2 - Designing A Mission Trailer EA 52.03MB 176
Battle for Middle Earth II Collectors Edition Video EA 24.76MB 483
Battle for Middle-Earth 2 - Intro Movie EA 40.26MB 316
The Battle for Middle-Earth II Movie #17 EA 51.84MB 114
The Battle for Middle-Earth II Movie #18 EA 64.54MB 148
December BFME2 trailer medium quality Guest 14.95MB 63
Goblins siege motw Guest 25.52MB 90
BFME2 First Xbox trailer Guest 9MB 60
The Battle For Middle-earth II X360 Trailer EA 350.13MB 75
Battle for Lorien 3 Video Dre@mer 5.83MB 288
Motw 2v2 strategy video with commentary by Digz Digz 34.94MB 330
Motw 2v2 strategy video with commentary by Digz Digz 25.08MB 100
Ultrazero(mordor) v Dwarves Small Map strategy Digz 40.8MB 114
How to Stop Gaurdian Rush Digz 43.72MB 99
Dwarven Mine Rush Digz 36.46MB 97
Angbad Faction Video Dre@mer 11.48MB 187
Lord of the Rings Online Video Guest 9.91MB 94
Shadows of Angmar Preview Clip Guest 6.22MB 116
The Inheritance Mod Trailer Fingulfin 7.44MB 129
T4A: Angband Trailer morgoth946 11.63MB 88
Minas Tirith Video Dre@mer 6.91MB 257
Patch 1.05 Early Conclusion: Dwarves Strategy Digz 59.47MB 321
Lotr The White Council: Art- A sneak peak EA 4.92MB 108
Lotr The White Council: World And Character Spell EA 4.74MB 143
Chris Tremmel Interview Part 1 EA 4.69MB 64
Chris Tremmel Interview Part 2 EA 9.32MB 62
Animation/Engineering of LOTR The White Council EA 8.97MB 178
Mordor vs Elves 3 By Madfred Madfred 133.41MB 175
Journy Through The Hobbiton Trailer Guest 42.26MB 196
Bfme2 Redone Ini Mod Smartdude1401 3.35MB 276
First BFME2 Wallpaper EA 1.83MB 246
Second BFME2 Wallpaper EA 1.46MB 364
Wallpaper: A treacherous Goblin prepares to attack The Shire EA 966KB 133
Wallpaper: Lord Elrond stands guard at Rivendell EA 1.41MB 305
The 1 ring screensaver Guest 2.02MB 319
Helms Deep Wallpaper kaik19494 1.37MB 286