LotR: The Battle for Middle-earth II

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
BT2DC BFME2 Unofficial Balance Patch Gamereplays.org 6.47MB 155
Unofficial RotWK 2.02c Balance Patch Gamereplays.org 4.72MB 256
Gothmog mod Guest 3.16MB 802
BFME2 ini Faction and Power mod Guest 3.07MB 850
Alternate create a hero mod Guest 3.42MB 5039
Unified Factions DesertFox 3.51MB 1541
Colored-Dwarf-Beards Mod v1.0 Myerz 1.77MB 535
Extended Campaign Guest 8.11MB 2245
Toms Balance mod Guest 3.07MB 802
Fortress Mod by Thelittlestteapot Guest 4.95MB 992
Super Ranger mod Guest 2.46MB 423
Toms BFME2 1 .5 mod Guest 3.11MB 4767
Samurai's ultimate mod Samurai 2.47MB 511
BFME2 Siege mod by Insomniax Insomniax 4.38MB 1113
BFME2 remade (Fixes) Guest 1.42MB 260
Weapon change mod Guest 97KB 1364
Elven Guard mod Guest 3.47MB 2434
Monster Auto Heal mod Guest 2.42MB 303
Marks bfme2 full gameplay mod Mark Hambly 4.49MB 294
Insomniax Siege Mod LedMirage 4.38MB 272
Ent Faction Mod dubl0dude (satx007) 3.15MB 614
Hero boost Mod [OoM] Gothmog 3.03MB 1450
Fellowship Mod Theodred 520KB 1837
Icarus' Mod kotmfu 71KB 501
Boromir's small mod Guest 2.61MB 243
Peter's Mod Peter 3.05MB 477
Create a Hero mod all factions Guest 2.46MB 2055
Create a Hero mod Guest 2.46MB 2739
Special Power Mini Mod Crazy Moose 1.68MB 384
BFME2 Blood Mod Arthur B. Machado 112KB 3835
Battle for Grollins Mod Chachalon 2.87MB 868
Fellowship Mod Theodred 3.38MB 4830
BFME2 Polished Mod Gansnudel 2.87MB 386
Hero Stats Boost Mod [OoM] Gothmog 3.03MB 578
Maximum War Lord of Arda 2.42MB 236
Lotr BFME2 Golden Earth 101 Mod Guest 2.36MB 485
BFME2 Polished Mod Gansnudel 2.69MB 720
Ranger Mod Tom8778 2.42MB 586
BFME2 2.5 Mod Tom8778 10.3MB 5822
Hero Improvement mod Simon 1.52MB 777
High Elves Mod moda4 2.57MB 620
Marks BFME2 Full Gameplay Mod Sniggles 4.86MB 723
New real mod cassos 2.61MB 739
Desert Fox Mod Beta DesertFox 2.99MB 1869
BFME 2 Deluxe Edition v0.50 2playgames 1.67MB 1228
Blue Wizards Mod IthronAiwendil 13.02MB 1734
The Dons Rank Mod taylord 2.73MB 492
Ex Traxx Mod ExTraxx 2.4MB 205
Hero Improvement mod Patch 1.06 Ready! Simon 2.47MB 1538
The Siege of Baradur Istari675 (aka Bane^Of^Saron 11KB 590
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